Registration Protocol

I. General Provisions

1. You shall confirm: you shall, before starting to use the Service, fully read, understand and accept the whole content of this agreement, for once you choose “agree” to complete the registration, start the procedure or use the Service, you agree to abide by all the clauses hereof.

2. You shall agree: the Company shall have the right to make unilateral amendments to this agreement as well as relative service regulations, service content, product instructions, product functions and other aspects thereof at any time, and publish such amendments by means of one or more of sending information, website notice, group sending SMS or other methods, with no need to inform you thereof individually; such amendments or adjustments shall not be considered as the Company’s violation of the clauses hereof. If you continue to use the Service after such amendments of the content hereof being published, you shall be considered as having fully read, understood and accepted the amended content hereof and will use the Service in accordance therewith. If you don’t agree the amended content hereof, you shall stop using the Service immediately.

3. You shall admit: this agreement shall be governed by the existing laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and their amendments at any time. The service content and standards of the Company shall not be ruled out by the laws of your residing countries or regions. If any provision hereof is against the laws and regulations of your residing countries or regions, both Parties shall agree to apply to the laws and regulations of PRC as the only governing law.

4. You shall proclaim: you shall, when you agree to accept this agreement and register yourself to become a user, be natural persons, corporate entities or other organizations or fully authorized by such who enjoy the full capacity for civil rights and civil conducts provided by relevant laws. Otherwise, you shall terminate the registration or stop to use the Service immediately.

5. You shall promise: any usage of the products and services here under shall abide by the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, accord with the requirements of social public morality and infringe no legal rights and interests of any third party. If any third party claims any compensation or right due to any usage, you shall take full responsibility and make sure the Company and any relevant shareholder, member of the board of directors or manager at any level shall not be involved or take any responsibility. As for any loss caused thereby to any third party, the Company shall take no responsibility or make no promise for any joint or related compensation.

II. Accounts 

1. Registration  You shall, before using the Service, register to get your Internet Platform account (hereinafter referred to as “the account”), and agree and warrant that:

(1) When you complete the account registration or activation process, you shall, in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations, follow the instructions of relevant websites to provide and timely update your information, which shall be real, timely, complete and accurate. If the Company has reasonable reasons to question your information to be false, unreal, outdated or incomplete, the Company shall have the right to send to you a notice of inquiry and/or correction requirement and shall have the right to directly delete relevant information, suspend the registration, suspend the account and even stop or cease to provide part of or all services to you. The Company shall take no responsibility for the service suspension, discontinuation or termination caused thereby and you shall bear any consequence caused thereby.

(2) You shall correctly provide and timely update such contact information as email, telephone number, address and postal code, in order for the Company to make effective contact with you. If the Company can’t contact through such contact information, you shall be fully responsible for any losses or any added fees caused in the process of you using the Service. You shall understand and agree that you shall have the obligation to make sure the validity of your contact information provided and make updates in accordance with the requirements of the Company in necessary.

2. Account Safety  You shall be responsible for every operation concerning your account and its password and every speech given under your account. You shall agree that:

(1) You shall enjoy the right of using your account provided by the company only; you shall be responsible for your Internet Platform account and only you yourself can use your account; if you transfer, bestow or authorize the right of using your account to other people, the Company shall be notified in written form and the successor shall obtain the legal right to use the said account until the Company agrees therewith and the said successor signs this agreement; otherwise, The company shall have the right to suspend or terminate all services provided to you without bearing any responsibilities at any time.

(2) Since the Company will recognize your instruction through your username and password, therefore you shall take good care of your username and password and any loss or consequence caused by the exposure of the password shall be undertaken by you yourself only. You shall warrant not to reveal your account and password to anyone, and not to use anyone else’s Internet Platform account and password.

(3) If you find any situation where other people have stolen or illegally used your account and password or any other illegal authorization, you shall notify the Company immediately and effectively and request the Company to suspend relevant services. At the same time, you shall understand there will be a reasonable period before any action taken in accordance with your request, and therefore the Company shall not be responsible for any loss caused by any implemented instructions before that period.

III. Privacy and Protection of Other Personal Information

Once you agree to accept this agreement or use the Service, you also agree that the Company can use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the following clauses:

1.Account and Password When you register yourself as a user of the Internet Platform, we will request you to set up your account and password to identify yourself. You can only use your account through your password, and, therefore, if you leak your password, you may lose your personal information of identification which may probably result in unfavorable legal consequences. If the account and password is under potential or actual risk due to any reason, you shall immediately make contact with the Company and you shall be completely responsible for all consequences caused by the leakage of the account and password.

2.Account Information When you complete the account registration or activation process, you shall provide to the Company your real name, address, nationality, telephone number and email address, and you can also choose to fill in some other relevant information (including but not limited to the province and city where your company resides, its time zone and postal code, fax number, personal homepage and your own position). In order to provide you with new services and opportunities especially suitable for you, you shall know and agree to receive such information from the Company and its affiliated companies or other websites you log in by your email or mobile phone.

3.Bank Account Information If the services provided by the Company require you to provide your bank account information, the Company will strictly abide by the privacy policy after receiving such information from you.

4. Login Record In order to guarantee the safety of the Service you use and gradually improve the quality of Service, the Company will record and preserve relevant information about your login and use of the Service, but the Company promises not to provide such record to any third party (except otherwise agreed by both parties or provided by laws and regulations and excluding the affiliated companies of the Company).


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